Over 85% of home buyers and investors start their search for properties online. Real estate magazines and paper classified ads won’t hurt because every bit of exposure helps but the majority of buyers are searching for properties on their home computers. Nearly every single real estate agent today has their own website. On every agent’s website they have a free MLS (Multiple Listing Service) search which they direct interested buyers and investors to search available properties for sale.

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Table of Contents

Introduction....... 2
The Internet has Changed the Real Estate Industry

What to Know Before You Sell Your House....... 3
First you should decide if you want to sell your home By Owner or if you want to hire a Real Estate Agent

Do I Need a Real Estate Agent?....... 4
No one "needs" an agent, it's perfectly legal to sell your home FSBO

Planning to Sell Your Home....... 5
As discussed previously there are two options when selling your home: using a real estate agent or For Sale By Owner (FSBO)

Different Cost You Need to Pay to Sell Your House....... 6
First it is important to know the cost of selling your own home in the current market

Pricing Your Property Is Very Important....... 8
Pricing can highly contribute to how quickly your homes sells or how long it sits on the market

Presenting Your Property....... 9
The goal is to make your home presentable enough to attract buyers and sell quickly

Important Things to Remember When Selling a House FSBO....... 10
Selling the house By Owner or through a real estate agent are very similar

Simple Guidelines to Selling Your Home For Sale By Owner....... 11
Selling a house without an agent is possible and saves lots of money on commissions and fees

The Faster You Sell Your Home, The More Money You Save!....... 13
The most common reason people choose to sell their home without an agent is to save money on the commissions and fees however; it is important to sell the house quickly so that you can also save on marketing and advertising

Conclusion....... 16
Do not show weakness. Stick with your price and focus on selling your home. Don't let someone who offers you an extremely low price discourage you